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Connie Minervino, Atlantic Coast Title Company, talks about the importance of a clean title

Sharon Brobst, Bath Savings Institution, shares information about hoMEworks education

Cynthia Chadwick Granger, Bay Area Title Services, talks about selecting a title company by home buyers

Randee McDonald, Cumberland Title Company, addresses the importance of title insurance

Chip Lape, Embrace Home Loans, speaks about monitoring your credit report

Cecilia Estrada, Key Bank Mortgage, talks about the need for pre-approval for home buyers

Hal Tippetts, Stewart Title Company, explains title insurance


Why Do I Need A REALTOR®?

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A Maine organization, hoMEworks, is a nonprofit group dedicated to consumer homebuyer education. hoMEworks believes the best place to start the home buying process is in the classroom.

The hoMEworks mission is to develop a standardized, comprehensive, homeownership education program to be delivered by a network of industry professionals in neutral environments throughout Maine.

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