Call for Action: Keep Maine Competitive!

The time for action is now! Over the next 7 days Maine’s legislative leaders and Appropriations Committee are meeting and negotiating Maine’s next biennial budget. It is imperative that you reach out to your legislators and urge them to remove the 3% surtax AND find an alternative funding source for education. Click on the link below, complete your contact information, and SEND the email.

Click here to directly email your legislator and ask them to repeal the 3 percent surtax.

The Maine Association of REALTORS® has been working with the Keep Maine Competitive Coalition to pursue a legislative solution to the 3% surtax on incomes greater than $200,000. Under the current law, Maine now has the 2nd highest income tax rate in the country at 10.15% (highest for incomes under $1 million.) Small business owners and families are moving their operations and home addresses elsewhere to escape the unreasonable tax, especially along the Maine-NH border. MAR joined the coalition to repeal the 3% tax and ensure Maine businesses and families stay here to sustain Maine jobs and communities.

With your help, we will remove the surtax that hurts Maine’s economy AND ask legislators to direct other funds to support a strong K-12 education system, both of which are important to the real estate industry. THANK YOU!