Maine hoMEworks

A Maine organization, hoMEworks, is a nonprofit group dedicated to consumer homebuyer education. hoMEworks believes the best place to start the home buying process is in the classroom. The hoMEworks mission is to develop a standardized, comprehensive, homeownership education program to be delivered by a network of industry professionals in neutral environments throughout Maine.

Contact: Darci Hamm
207-515-1545 Cell
353 Water Street
Augusta Maine 04330

Status Grow Learning, LLC

Kippy Smith, Founder of Status Grow, provides personalized, evidence-based analysis of schools to prospective homebuyers. The process helps homebuyers confidently evaluate options in their search area, and match K-12 schools to their family's unique needs and preferences. Kippy brings twenty years of experience working in and consulting with school districts in Maine and across New England to her homebuyer support.

Contact: Kippy Smith
207-232-1846 Cell