Maine Capital Mortgage

Maine Capital Mortgage (MCM) is a local company owned by Maine Capital Group. The importance of this organizational make up is MCM having the access to home loan financing that doesn't fit the secondary mortgage guidelines under the same roof. Within the group, we have access to portfolio loans, private bridge loans, rehab and construction financing more suited to local builders. Once the need for alternative financing is no longer needed we simply place the loan back in a more traditional low rate home loan offered by MCM. The result is fast, efficient, flexible lending other lenders fail to offer. So, if you're looking for the best possible chance of getting approved or have been turned down by your local bank or mortgage company, please contact Lorne Basile and let us see if we can guide you home.

Contact: Lorne Basile
(800) 541-9309 ext 8 Office
2 Market Street
Portland ME 04101