Affiliate of the Month

Congratulations to our Affiliate of the Month – Casey Hamlin of Northpoint Mortgage Inc.! We asked Casey to share some things about himself, and this is what he had to say:

I live in South Portland with my wife, June Hamlin, Cedric Hamlin, my 1 year old son, and Sprite, our Golden Doodle who is forever 9 in our minds. I like to play Texas Hold Em’ and Blackjack.  I like going out to dinner – favorite spot is JP’s in Portland.  If you have never tried it – it is awesome!  I like to attend sporting events – I’m a NY Giants fan (sadly) and NY Yankees fan so I don’t get to cheer my team on in person much. Attending the NCAA tournament is on my bucket list.  I started my current career in the 2003 (Wild West) so this is my 14th year. My keys to success are to be humble and hungry. I heard a speaker say that at a training once – I love it and think of it every day. 
Some others are:
Always remember the relationship is worth more than the transaction.  Our business is a relationship business – keeping clients and referral partners happy is the #1 goal – the money will follow. 

Show people you care – incorporate more LOVE in your business by expressing how grateful  you are for the business and taking an interest in the client at a personal level.  A client can go anywhere for our services – making them feel special is what helps separates us from our competition. 

Celebrate the small victories – this business is hard.  Very hard and constantly changing.  You can celebrate the small victories when you properly set and manage expectations from the beginning – then the small victories become bigger victories. 

Invest in yourself and your business – the mortgage business has a lack of training.  My team and I invest money and time into training so we can be better at what we do – we are not perfect and we own our mistakes when we make them.  There is too much blaming going on and not enough accountability.  Our team motto is simple – “Get better every day.” 

Woody Allen once said “80% of success is showing up.”  My advice for other affiliates is to get active and participate.  When I first joined the GPBR the best advice I ever received from my sales manager was to go participate – get on a committee.  It made a world of difference. 

I would like to thank the GPBR for being so welcoming and thoughtful to their affiliates.  For those affiliates who think they only get asked to sponsor events or write checks – that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This board is so giving!  They sponsor an Affiliate appreciation event every year in which THEY pay to say thank you to us.  I’m blown away by the selfless volunteering of the committee and board members.  They host roundtables and events to obtain feedback from affiliates on how they can better serve us. They truly care and as an affiliate I’m grateful for their appreciation of us. 

Casey’s contact info:
Casey Hamlin
(207) 558-1880
23 Spring St. Unit D
Scarborough, ME 04074
NMLS #374491